Quality Control


Professional production equipment

With our unique understanding of papermaking technology, we designed a continuous and fully automatic Fourdrinier paper machine manufacturing line that is most suitable to produce non-asbestos gasket materials. The manufacturing line is also equipped with state-of-the-art online monitoring and control technologies including Distribution Control System (DCS) and Quality Control System (QCS), which ensure high material uniformity and quality consistency when compared to materials produced from a batch process. Supplemented by our in-depth expertise in material science and formulation technology, the products we made are of world-class quality and outstanding sealability. The advanced manufacturing line is of highest investment and largest capacity in the country to produce fiber composite gasket materials.


Precision production management

The production quality management process of the company's non-asbestos fiber sealing material production line has passed the ISO 9001 quality certification system certification. In addition, an online quality control system (Online Quality Control System) is also installed on the continuous production line of the Fourdrinier paper machine. The system can realize online monitoring and automatic control and adjustment of the quantitative, thickness and moisture content of the material product, thereby effectively ensuring the uniformity and quality stability of the product.

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